Manitoba Harvest’s mission to transform consumer health starts simply and sustainably: with hemp. Taking a seed-to-shelf approach and cultivating strong relationships across our supply change allows us to maintain incredibly high quality standards across our entire portfolio of hemp products. With our B-Corp and Carbon Neutral certifications, Manitoba Harvest is committed to sustainability in every part of the company.


B-Corp Business
Manitoba Harvest earned our B-Corp certification in January 2014, and every day since then we’ve taken to heart what an important responsibility that is. B-Corp certification isn’t the finish line, it’s a long-term commitment to growing and operating sustainably – in terms of environmental impact, long-term growth, and bringing high-quality and nutritionally rich food to consumers.

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Carbon Neutral Certified
As of spring 2018, all Manitoba Harvest company facilities are Carbon Neutral. All greenhouse gases produced by Manitoba Harvest, including Canadian-based production, packing and management facilities, and our Minneapolis-based offices, are offset with high-quality wind power.

Our move to become Carbon Neutral was inspired by the hemp plant itself. Hemp is a carbon sequestering plant: it absorbs roughly 1.63 tons of CO2 for every ton of hemp grown.

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Trusted Growing Partners  
One of the things we value the most is our relationships with hemp growers.  We like to think we cultivate our network of farmers with the same care and affection that they tend their plants. We’ve been working with some of our growers since the 1990s. We know them and their families, and we have a screening process for each new grower who applies to join our network of hemp producers.

Each of our growers has to meet very high standards of food quality and food safety, and to conform to the best agronomic practices. That means no herbicide or pesticide usage in the hemp crop – that’s written into the contracts all of our growers sign. It also means we supply agronomic coaching for field selection and crop rotation and getting things done on the farm without the help of potentially harmful chemicals. We work with growers on seed fertility practices and the details of organic certification. We’re a resource for them because we rely on one another.