Industry Pioneers, Committed to Quality & Sustainability from Seed to Shelf

1998: Our founders, Martin, Alex, Mike successfully lobbied the Canadian government to legalize Hemp Foods

20+ years of experience!

+Advancing sustainable farming practices
+Largest vertically integrated B-Corp hemp company
+Canada’s 1st CarbonZero certified food manufacturer
+Implemented zero waste production
+Awarded 2017 CHFA Sustainability Award
+Superior quality standards and traceability

    Robust Hemp Portfolio

    Hemp Hearts
    Hemp Protein Powder
    Hemp Seed Oil
    Hemp Bliss



      Hemp is at the Center of Modern Wellness Trends


      Plant Based, Nutrient Dense

      Hemp delivers plant-based nutrition, more protein than chicken gram for gram!

      Customized Nutrition

      Hemp Fits into many eating lifestyles: Vegan, Paleo, Keto, Gluten Free, Dairy Free

      Hemp Naturally sequesters Carbon and doesn’t require the use of pesticides




      Hemp is Driving Category Growth & Manitoba Harvest is Leading!



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