Why Eat Hemp Hearts

It’s simple: it’s a delicious way to get your protein and omegas! Easy to use and nutritious, Hemp Hearts – the soft inside of a hulled hemp seed - offer a rich nutty taste and are a great way to add a boost of plant powered nutrition to any meal.

  • 2x more protein than chia or flax

  • 12g of Omegas 3 & 6 per serving

  • Contains all 9 essential amino acids

How to use Hemp Hearts

Avec leur léger goût de noix semblable aux graines de tournesol ou aux noix de pin, les graines de chanvre Hemp Hearts sont nutritives et délicieuses telles quelles ou dans vos recettes et plats préférés.

  • Mélangez à vos smoothies

  • Saupoudrez sur vos yogourts

  • Ajoutez à vos salades

Our Hemp is Great For You and the Planet

  • Hemp is a carbon sequestering plant: it absorbs roughly 1.63 tons of CO2 for every ton of hemp grown.

  • We’re involved in the entire process of growing our hemp seeds, including working directly with Canadian farmers and having a say in how our Non-GMO hemp seeds are cultivated.

  • Reflecting our pledge to consider the impact of our decisions on our workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment.

Hemp Myths